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Time 02-Jul 03-Jul 04-Jul 05-Jul
8:30 Registration Registration Registration
9:00 Opening
9:30 JS Lecture:

Jennifer Seberry

Keynote 2:

Jong Sou Park

Session 7A: Foundations B Session 7B: Short Papers 3
10:30 Break Break Break
11:00 Session 1A: Encryption A Session 1B: Post-quantum Security A Session 4A: Foundations A Session 4B: System and Network Security A Session 8A: Symmetric Cryptography Session 8B: System and Network Security C
12:30 Lunch Lunch
13:30 Session 2A: Cryptocurrency Related A Session 2B: Post-quantum Security B Keynote 3:

Zbigniew Kalbarczyk

14:30 Keynote 1:

Joseph K. Liu

Session 5A: Short Papers 1 Session 5B: Cryptocurrency Related B
15:30 Break Break
16:00 Session 3A: Encryption B Session 3B: Post-quantum Security C Session 6A: Short Papers 2 Session 6B: System and Network Security B
17:30 Registration
18:00 Reception:

Shilling Club

Chateau on the Park
 Presentation note:

Full paper presentation – 25 minutes presentation, 5 minutes Q&A (total 30 minutes)

Short paper presentation – 15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes Q&A (total 20 minutes)

Session schedule

Day 1: 3 July

Session 1A (11:00 – 12:30): Encryption A
1. Ciphertext-Delegatable CP-ABE for a Dynamic Credential: A Modular Approach
– Jongkil Kim, Willy Susilo, Joonsang Baek, Surya Nepal and Dongxi Liu
2. Location Based Encryption
– Tran Viet Xuan Phuong, Willy Susilo, Guomin Yang and Dongxi Liu
3. Group ID-based Encryption With Equality Test Against Insider Attack
– Ling, Ma, Huang, Xiang and Li

Session 1B (11:00 – 12:30): Post-quantum Security A
chair: Veronika Kuchta

1. Improving the security of the DRS scheme with uniformly chosen random noise
– Arnaud Sipasseuth, Thomas Plantard and Willy Susilo
2. A lattice based public key encryption with equality test in standard model
– Dung Hoang Duong, Kazuhide Fukushima, Shinsaku Kiyomoto, Partha Sarathi Roy and Willy Susilo
3. Lattice RingCT v2.0 with Multiple Input and Output Wallets
– Wilson Alberto Torres, Veronika Kuchta, Ron Steinfeld, Amin Sakzad, Joseph Liu and Jacob Cheng

Session 2A (14:30 – 15:30): Cryptocurrency Related A

1. Fast-to-Finalize Nakamoto-Like Consensus Protocol
– Shuyang Tang, Sherman S. M. Chow, Zhiqiang Liu and Joseph Liu
2. A Combined Micro-block Chain Truncation Attack on Bitcoin-NG
– Ziyu Wang, Jianwei Liu, Zongyang Zhang, Yanting Zhang, Jiayuan Yin and Hui Yu

Session 2B (14:30 – 15:30): Post-quantum Security B
chair: Terry Lau Shue Chien

1. Two new module-code-based KEMs with rank metric
– Li-Ping Wang and Jingwei Hu
2. Adding Distributed Decryption and Key Generation to a Ring-LWE Based CCA Encryption Scheme
– Michael Kraitsberg, Yehuda Lindell, Valery Osheter, Nigel Smart and Younes Talibi Alaoui

Session 3A (16:00 – 17:30): Encryption B
chair: Jongkil Kim

1. Strong Post-Compromise Secure Proxy Re-Encryption
– Ela Lee, Alex Davidson, Amit Deo and Keith Martin
2. Offline Witness Encryption from Witness PRF and Randomized Encoding in CRS model
– Tapas Pal and Ratna Dutta
3. Two-Client and Multi-client Functional Encryption for Set Intersection
– Tim R. van de Kamp, David Stritzl, Willem Jonker and Andreas Peter

Session 3B (16:00 – 17:30): Post-quantum Security C

1. Cryptanalysis on CCA2-Secured LRPC-Kronecker Cryptosystem
– Terry Shue Chien Lau and Chik How Tan
2. Pseudorandom Functions from LWE: RKA Security and Application
– Nan Cui, Shengli Liu, Yunhua Wen and Dawu Gu
3. delta-subgaussian Random Variables in Cryptography
– Sean Murphy and Rachel Player

Day 2: 4 July

Session 4A (11:00 – 12:30): Foundations A

1. Field Extension in Secret-Shared Form and Its Applications to Efficient Secure Computation
– Ryo Kikuchi, Nuttapong Attrapadung, Koki Hamada, Dai Ikarashi, Ai Ishida, Takahiro Matsuda, Yusuke Sakai and Jacob Schuldt
2. Efficient Secure Multi-Party Protocols for Decision Tree Classification
– Atsunori Ichikawa, Wakaha Ogata, Koki Hamada and Ryo Kikuchi
3. The Wiener Attack on RSA Revisited: A Quest for the Exact Bound
– Willy Susilo, Joseph Tonien and Guomin Yang

Session 4B (11:00 – 12:30): System and Network Security A
chair: Mengmeng Ge

1. Dimensionality Reduction and Visualization of Network Intrusion Detection Data
– Wei Zong, Yang-Wai Chow and Willy Susilo
2. DOCSDN: Dynamic and Optimal Configuration of Software-Defined Networks
– Timothy Curry, Devon Callahan, Benjamin Fuller and Laurent Michel

Session 5A (14:30 – 15:30): Short Papers 1

1. Witness Encryption with (Weak) Unique Decryption and Message Indistinguishability: Constructions and Applications
– Dongxue Pan, Bei Liang, Hongda Li and Peifang Ni
2. Speeding Up Scalar Multiplication on Koblitz Curves Using $\mu_4$ Coordinates
– Weixuan Li, Wei Yu, Bao Li and Xuejun Fan
3. Constructing Hyperelliptic Covers for Elliptic Curves over Quadratic Extension Fields
– Xuejun Fan, Song Tian, Bao Li and Weixuan Li

Session 5B (14:30 – 15:30): Cryptocurrency Related B

1. Risk of Asynchronous Protocol Update: Attacks to Monero Protocols
– Dimaz Ankaa Wijaya, Joseph Liu, Ron Steinfeld and Dongxi Liu
2. A Flexible Instant Payment System Based on Blockchain
– Lin Zhong, Qianhong Wu, Jan Xie, Bo Qin, Joseph K. Liu and Huili Wang

Session 6A (16:00 – 17:00): Short Papers 2

1. Secure and Compact Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
– Yaoan Jin and Atsuko Miyaji
2. A quantitative study of attribute based correlation in micro-databases and its effects on privacy
– Debanjan Sadhya and Bodhi Chakraborty
3. Automated cash mining attacks on mobile advertising networks
– Woojoong Ji, Taeyun Kim, Kuyju Kim and Hyoungshick Kim

Session 6B (16:00 – 17:00): System and Network Security B

1. A Low Overhead Error Correction Algorithm Using Random Permutation for SRAM PUFs
– Liang Zheng, Donglei Han, Zongbin Liu, Lingchen Zhang, Churan Tang and Ping Peng
2. Practical Dynamic Taint Tracking for Exploiting Input Sanitization Error in Java Applications
– Mohammadreza Ashouri

Day 3: 5 July

Session 7A (09:30 – 10:30): Foundations B

1. Function-Dependent Commitments from Homomorphic Authenticators
– Lucas Schabhüser, Denis Butin and Johannes Buchmann
2. Security against Subversion in Multi-Surveillant Settings
– Geng Li, Jianwei Liu and Zongyang Zhang

Session 7B (09:30 – 10:30): Short Papers 3

1. A Novel Semi-Supervised Adaboost Technique Based on Improved Tri-training
– Dunming Li, Jiewen Mao and Fuke Shen
2. Tagging a Malware’s Intentions by using Attention-based Sequence-to-Sequence Neural Network
– Yi-Ting Huang, Yu-Yuan Chen, Chih-Chun Yang, Yeali Sun, Shun-Wen Hsiao and Meng Chang Chen

Session 8A (11:00 – 12:30): Symmetric Cryptography

1. Related-Key Boomerang Attacks on GIFT with Automated Trail Search Including BCT Effect
– Yunwen Liu and Yu Sasaki
2. Fast Chosen-key Distinguish Attacks on Round-reduced AES-192
– Chunbo Zhu, Gaoli Wang and Boyu Zhu
3. A Highly Secure MAC from Tweakable Blockciphers with Support for Short Tweaks
– Yusuke Naito

Session 8B (11:00 – 12:30): System and Network Security C

1. AMOGAP: Defending Against Man-in-the-middle and Offline Guessing Attacks on Passwords
– Jaryn Shen, Timothy T. Yuen, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo and Qingkai Zeng
2. MineAuth: Mining Behavioural Habits for Continuous Authentication on a Smartphone
– Xiaojian Pang, Li Yang, Maozhen Liu and Jianfeng Ma